Such a maturity of expression has been reached by this artist, that an overview of his personality is fully justified. Thanks to his command not only of painting but also of sculpture, in many years of activity Nicola Migliozzi has distinguished himself as the author of commemorative monuments marked by high formal and intellectual tension. Today he is one of the very few artists who prove themselves capable to deal with grandness and if we consider some of the premises of his poetics, it is not hard to understand his deep reasons. And yet the remarkable talent of the master is revealed even better in his paintings, very often smallsized, from which the huge breath of his inspiration stands out at its best. This is where his most genuine and profound skills come to the light: a matchless gracefulness of laying paint, a really superb intelligence of form, an exquisitely fine taste, an exemplary and fascinating sense of synthesis. This exhibit, therefore, gives an account of a truly notable experience by putting together fifty lava stones (perhaps the most interesting feature

of the master’s pictorial output), ten ceramics, twenty Pompeian subjects (another significant feature of Migliozzi’s creativity) and one oil painting.